Aircraft W&B

Weight and balance calculator for general aviation.

App Features

This is why this app is awesome!

Create Your Own Templates
The app allows you to create your own templates.
Easy workflow
Build, buy or use a free template, create an airplane based on the template, and create weight an balance reports for that airplane.
An Evergreen Template Database
The templates are constantly updated and new templates are published in the store all the time.
Multiple Envelopes
You can use arm envelopes, moment/1000 envelopes or both.
Variable Arm Fuel Tanks
The app allows for multiple varaible arm fuel tanks, and it has one table for entering data.
US and Metric Measuring Systems
The app allows for templates in US and metric measuring systems.
In Cloud Synchronization
The app allows the synchronization of your templates, aircraft profiles and weight and balance reports over multiple devices.


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